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AWTI/3rd Eye MobileVision and Sense Technologies announced today a new world wide strategic partnership in the integration of Vision and Sensor based technologies for “Blind Spot Safety” and “Proximity Detection” for commercial vehicles. Read more...


AWTI/3rd Eye MobileVision and Sense Technologies announced today a new world wide strategic partnership in the integration of Vision and Sensor based technologies for “Blind Spot Safety” and “Proximity Detection” for commercial vehicles. Sense Technologies, Inc., President and CEO, Bruce Schreiner says “The opportunity to integrate sensor and vision based technologies promotes even more innovation and applications dedicated to saving lives, increasing up time and reducing costs. The combination of these technologies promotes the expansion of comprehensive Blind Spot safety and Proximity detection to operators in all commercial markets greatly expanding the market adoption of safety systems within the largest fleets worldwide.” AWTI/3rd Eye Mobile Vision, President and CEO Darrick Reed had this to say “This Strategic Partnership brings together two industry icons with one common goal, saving lives”. We know the waste, utilities, construction, mining and over the road fleets along with, Fire/ EMS industries and public transportation will immediately benefit from the integration of these technologies". AWTI 3rd Eye MobileVision, the industry leader in heavy duty mobile video systems introduces 3rd Eye MobileVision integrated safety systems. Through the integration of “active” Doppler radar and “live action” camera technologies we alert the driver to dangers of backing commercial vehicles, improving the driver’s ability to observe and detect hazards while backing or changing lanes. Let AWTI/3rd Eye MobileVision integrated safety systems help your fleet save lives, reduce accidents, lower insurance costs, protect assets, increase productivity and driver retention.

Contact information:
Tim Goldsbury, Director Sales & Marketing
Sense Technologies, Inc./®
(561) 744-2952

Mark R. Regan, SVP Strategic Business Development
AWTI/3rd Eye MobileVision®
(866) 804-2984

"Since we equipped our delivery trucks, nationwide,
the fleet has been backing-accident free



child safety, backing accidents, backover accidents, fleet safety, reversing accidents

We have an ESCORT Guardian Alert® Doppler Radar rear collision avoidance
system for every type of vehicle

Add ESCORT Guardian Alert® to your fleet: say goodbye to backing accidents

Only ESCORT Guardian Alert® provides the protection of
3-Dimensional / 3-Zone Doppler Radar

ESCORT Guardian Alert® is an advanced, fleet-tested and time-proven Doppler Radar system for obstacle detection and collision avoidance while backing (reversing). ESCORT Guardian Alert®  reliably and accurately detects people and objects in a vehicle's "blind zone" and alerts the driver with audible and visual warnings. Since the first installations in 1997, ESCORT Guardian Alert®  has delivered reliable safe-backing solutions for fleet operators and individual consumers. Tens of thousands of ESCORT Guardian Alert®  systems are protecting our customers around the world. All ESCORT Guardian Alert®  Backup Warning Systems have a 3-year warranty. ESCORT Guardian Alert®  can provide a safe-backing solution for all your vehicles. We will help you avoid backover and backing accidents.

Better Technology for Better Safe Backing Performance

ESCORT Guardian Alert® Doppler Radar Backup Warning System
Outperforms All Other Systems for Vehicle Backing Safety

ESCORT Guardian Alert's patented Doppler Radar sensor was specifically designed and developed for obstacle detection and collision avoidance while backing vehicles. This solution-oriented focus, combined with the proprietary 3-Dimensional / 3-Zone Doppler Radar technology, enables ESCORT Guardian Alert® systems to provide a superior safe-backing solution. You can be confident that the systems will work for all your vehicles to help prevent backing and backover accidents. All ESCORT  Guardian Alert® systems are built to industrial standards. This rugged, durable construction provides the trouble-free reliability needed for fleet operations in all environments and weather conditions. Thousands of consumers have also recognized the enhanced backing safety provided by ESCORT Guardian Alert's Doppler Radar and installed the systems in their vehicles. They spent their own money to gain the superior protection of Doppler Radar in preventing backover and backing accidents. We are confident that  ESCORT Guardian Alert® Doppler Radar will work for you.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® Doppler RADAR is the only system that offers complete coverage to the rear of the vehicle without compromising detection in any way that allows people and objects to go undetected. The NHTSA videos in our FAQs section clearly show the limitations of ultrasonic (sonar) and non-Doppler radar systems.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® is designed and manufactured without compromise and provides exceptional performance and reliability for vehicle backing safety.

ESCORT Guardian Alert's Doppler Radar utilizes an intelligent, patened scanning system to detect "blind zone" obstacles and provides "active" driver notification to help avoid collisions and backover Accidents. This intelligent sensing and detection logic greatly reduces false alerts. A dual alarm system alerts drivers audibly with a loud warning tone and visually with 3 LED's.

3-Dimensional x 3-Zone Coverage

ESCORT Guardian Alert's Doppler Radar detection beam covers a three dimensional "protection zone." This "protection zone" begins at the sensor and covers the entire width of the vehicle, 12-feet back, from just above the ground to a height of 5 feet.


Standard "Alert Zones" at 3 feet, 6 feet, and 12 feet

Alert zones at 12 feet, 6 feet and 3 feet from the rear of the vehicle alert the driver to the closeness of objects and people in the backing area. When an obstacle or person is in the backing path at a distance of 12 feet the display will begin to flash a yellow/green light. When the distance closes to 6-feet, the display will change to a red/green light and emit a fast audible beep. At 3 feet the display will turn to a solid red and emit a continuous tone, warning the driver that an object or person is dangerously close to the vehicle. The sound frequency utilized for the fast beep and continuous tone has been selected to be very noticeable and is of sufficient volume to be heard over engine noise.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® enhances driver awareness without altering established driving procedures. Your drivers watch their mirrors and Guardian Alert watches the "blind zone" behind the vehicle. Guardian Alert's advanced Doppler Radar is your best choice to help prevent backing and backover accidents.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® Delivers in the Real World

The most powerful proof of the reliable performance of the ESCORT Guardian Alert® Backup Warning System comes from safety-conscious fleet professionals who have firsthand experience with its effectiveness. Here is what ESCORT Guardian Alert® customers say about the system:

"There has not been a reported backing accident by any vehicle equipped with the Guardian Alert system to date."
--Glen Niswonger, Facility Supervisor , Maryland Transportation Authority

It has been more than 18 months since we started using the systems and
they're everything you said they would be. Since we equipped our delivery
trucks, nationwide, the fleet has been 'backing accident' free."
--Tom Armstrong, Fleet Manager, Scholastic Book Fairs

"I am pleased to report that from the time we installed the Guardian Alert System in our crew trucks, we have had no backing accidents with those vehicles... The crew foremen are telling me that the system has prevailed on several occasions when the crew trucks were put in very tight situations."
--Ken Schuck, Loss Control Manager, California-American Water Company

ESCORT Guardian Alert® will provide a safe-backing solution for your fleet.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® - Features and Benefits

  • Advanced DOPPLER RADAR- provides 3-Dimensional / 3-Zone protection
  • Comprehensive coverage from just-above ground level (compare with ultrasonic and
    other radar units that don't provide near-the-ground coverage)

  • Single sensor covers the entire width of vehicle.
  • Active only when the vehicle is placed in reverse. (This eliminates annoying false alarms.)
  • Works in all weather and light conditions - senses through ice, rain, fog, snow, etc.
  • Not affected by dirt or salt (does the rear-end of your vehicles get dirty?)
  • Available with mounting systems to fit any vehicle.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Maintenance free: ESCORT Guardian Alert® is ruggedly constructed with commercial operation
    in mind.

  • Greatly reduces backing accidents
  • Minimizes vehicle downtime and driver time loss due to backing accidents
  • Lowers property damage costs (in most cases the cost of the system is less than the
    insurance deductible)

  • ESCORT Guardian Alert's Doppler RADAR complies with all FCC regulations.

ESCORT Guardian Alert® is your best choice for vehicle backing safety

Contact Radar Backup Systems regarding your backing safety needs. We will be glad to discuss the advantages of the ESCORT Guardian Alert® system and answer any questions you may have. We will promptly respond to your request. Our customers are our partners in safety. We can help you prevent backing and backover accidents.

OEM pricing programs are available for Truck and truck Body Builders.
Volume pricing programs for Fleet Operators
Dealer/Reseller inquiries welcome.
 We can provide a safe-backing solution for all your vehicles